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03 quina Arm China announced on Friday that Liu Renchen and Chen Xun (Eric Chen) will become its new co-CEOs, replacing “rogue” head Allen Wu, Chinese outlet ICSmart reported on Friday. Arm is regaining control of Arm China after a nearly two year-long saga, clearing a major obstacle to the chipmakers proposed IPO. In June 2020, Wu refused to leave the company after the board voted for his removal following an investigation that found he had failed to disclose conflicts of interest. Wu then took control of the company seal, or chop, a device that authorizes the companys official documents, and effectively remained in control of the Chinese entity against Arm and SoftBank’s wishes. [ICSmart, in Chinese]

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    03 quina Major Chinese phone maker OnePlus launched the Ace Racing Edition on Tuesday, a cheaper version of the gaming phone OnePlus Ace, which launched on March 21. The Racing Edition looks like the OnePlus 10 Pro in design but shared some of the specs from Ace, including a new processing chip, the Mediatek Dimensity 8100-Max. The model also has a 120Hz refresh rate LCD screen, a downgrade from the OnePlus Aces OLED display. The gaming-focused device is priced at RMB 1,999-2,499 (6-370), 20% cheaper than the first Ace model, and is only available in China for now. [Android Authority]

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